Little Ettie Church of Old Regular Baptist

2707 Salem Cove Rd Beaver, Ohio Moderator: Paul Mathews
Sunday Meeting: Assistant Moderator: Tennis Sturgil
Saturday Meeting: Clerk: Alger Mullins
Ordained Ministers: Ezra Thornsberry, Tennis Strugil,
Alan D Osborne, Paul Mathews

Union Meeting: 2nd weekend in June 2013
Ministers Invited: Bennie Slone, Chris Newsom, and Cullen Caudill

Communion Meeting: 1st weekend in July 2013
Ministers Invited: Paul Cline, Daryl Newsom, and Brandon Newsom

Memorial Meeting: 1st weekend in May 2013
Ministers Invited: Jason Lowery, Daryl Newsom, and Josh Newsom

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Brother Don Pertuset